It’s why we’re here. It’s why humanity is now on every continent in this world; the desire to journey, to travel. Your parents, their parents and on and on- your ancestry is a journey. We are hard-wired to want to walk over the next hill. The enriching rewards from this path are contagious.  Whether across town to a different neighborhood or across the globe to a different country, the discovery and embrace of a culture that is new opens perspective and yet satisfies in ways that are strangely familiar. A memory that we didn’t know we had.

We like to bring items back to remind us of our experience. I imagine some hunter-gatherer returning to his village saying, “The people in the next village are strange and exotic. Look at this cool thing they use to…”. We bring back photos, maps, clothes and tools as talismans of our journey. We look and touch them to let the emotions of that experience wash over us again.

I take the maps of my journeys and, using the talismans that I have collected as my paintbrush, create a painted memory of that place and time. A metro card, cork from a wine bottle, granite pebble from the Yosemite Valley floor- these have all been my paintbrushes. Each paintbrush becomes a part of the piece and imparts a texture unique to the place it was found.

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