24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Starting with Guinness and ending with Teelings. Seeing the mess that was Francis Bacon’s studio after a fine lunch on Northside. Falling asleep in Bono’s place on the River Liffey. Getting used to tea in the morning. 

Painted on a map of Dublin using a Temple Bar Pub coaster as a paintbrush.

Every time I've been to Paris I've rented a small 4th or 5th floor walkup apartment. You walk in the street front small door inside a massive door to a courtyard. After climbing the stairs you look out the window and behold the rooftops of Paris!

​I painted this on a map of Paris using a Paris metro card as paintbrush.

For someone from San Francisco there's a familiar feeling in Lisbon. There's cable cars, trolleys, even a Golden Gate bridge! Granted, the architecture is a bit older and there are more red tile roofs. This view is the walk up to São Jorge castle on the hill overlooking the city.

This was painted using a trolly map of the city as paintbrush.

map.big sur  36” x 48”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.dublin   14” x 11”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box    SOLD   

map.sentinels   36” x 48”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.yosemite  36” x 48”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.tulum   14” x 11”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box     

The first time I visited Monterey we went to the pier. There was an old fashioned organ grinder and monkey dancing with a tin cup. I put a quarter in the cup and the monkey jumped up and kissed me on the cheek! There was a group of us and everyone started putting quarters in the cup for a peck on the cheek. Michelle with a sad face said "I don't have any quarters, I only have a dollar bill. Will he take that?" The organ grinder smiled knowingly and nodded yes. Michelle dropped the dollar in the cup and the monkey jumped up and tongued her mouth! It was the first time that I laughed so hard that I cried.

Painted with a card from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I was guided around Madrid both times I've been there by those two Madrileños, Nicole and Rachael. Fell in love with its tempo, charm and food! They took us to old favorites and hidden cafes that we never would have discovered.

Painted on a map of Madrid using a Madrid metro card as paintbrush.

The drive on the PCH between Monterey and Cambria is one that should be experienced! If I were to rank beautiful rides I’ve taken this would be number one. It’s even better as a passenger. Around each curve there are ever more stunning vistas of sea and land. 

Painted on a map of Big Sur using a a beach stone from there as paintbrush.   48” x 12”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.lisbon    14" x 11"        gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.hydra   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box     SOLD

map.flortence.2  24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box    SOLD 

Being overwhelmed around each curve, kayak fishing where the Great Whites roam, a bite to eat and a glass of wine on Nepenthe’s patio and finally sleeping under the redwoods to the sound of a rushing creek.

​Painted on maps of Big Sur using a a beach stone from there as paintbrush.

map.athens   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box     

map.oakland  24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   12” x 48”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box    SOLD

Watching the fog from the sun. Food, food and more great food! A ride down Telegraph to Broadway, Old Town and the Last Chance water front where Jack London had his first drinks.

Painted on a map of Oakland using an Oaklandish card as paintbrush.  24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Starting with oysters and wine. A drive down less traveled roads. Old pals Chris and Stacey and a lesson from Gustavo. Painted on a map of Napa Valley using a grapevine as paintbrush.

I spent 3 nights in San Jose del Cabo and ate at Flora Farms 2 of them. It’s farm to steps away table great food and drinks that’s down a dusty dirt road in Baja. I painted it on a collage of Flora Farms placemats using a Flora’s Farm Bar menu as a paintbrush.

On the corner of Columbus and Kearny in San Francisco you can see two of SF’s iconic buildings, the flat iron style Sentinel Building and the Transamerica Pyramid. It’s the intersection of Chinatown, North Beach and the Financial District. I love that it shows the past, the present and with a short step to the left the future as the new Salesforce Tower will peek out from behind the Sentinel Building.

​Painted on maps of San Francisco using a Clipper card as paintbrush.

If you walk across the Golden Gate bridge and head into Sausalito, look back over your shoulder for a well deserved view of the city on the hill.

​Painted with a vintage Golden Gate bridge postcard as paintbrush.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1981 to go to CalArts. For a Jersey kid everything was new and really different. The coast was to the West, the urban area seemed to go on forever and it was at first very disorienting. That first week we went up to Griffith Observatory at dusk. As the sky went dark and the suns last rays left, the lights came on throughout the city and music filtered up from the Hollywood Bowl. It was transcendent! Painted on a map of L.A. using a vintage Dodgers postcard as paintbrush.​​

​​Looking over at the city from Jersey always reminds me of a fantasy I have. It's a hot August night about 3:00 in the morning. I'm driving through the Lincoln tunnel in a 1961 Continental convertible, rounding that curve in the tunnel and the lights are whooshing over head and the suspension is just floating to the sounds of the Rolling Stones 'Can't you hear me knocking', that part in the middle of the song where it becomes an instrumental and a sax comes on and there's no other cars and I hit the city and it's jumping.

​Painted on a NYC map using a subway metro card as paintbrush.

map.big sur.pch   11” x 14”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

map.seattle    14" x 11"        gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

map.los angeles   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box    SOLD

map.scribe   18” x 24”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

I never actually had my breath taken away until seeing Yosemite Valley come into view. A magical place where I saw a large buck lie down and fall asleep feet from me, with no fear, became a Godfather to a river sprite, watched the sun glow on Half Dome, learned of the Ahwahnechee and had a scotch at the Ahwahnee hotel.

​Painted on maps of Yosemite using a a piece of granite from there as paintbrush.

The archeological zones Mayan castle on the Caribbean and the pueblo’s great little markets with the car rim barbecue. A wild mescal night and treated like old friends at Hartwood. A secret revealed.

 Painted using a ten peso coin as paintbrush.

The view across the East River from Brooklyn at the Empire State Building from the Wythe Hotel. Bagels and Lox for breakfast then a late lunch with Rachael, the M to the B and Broadway!

Painted with a Wythe Hotel card as paintbrush.

The cabbie doppelganger, best moussaka and the moving maze that is the Athens Bazaar, all in the shadow of the Acropolis. Painted on a map of Athens with a Cabby's card as paintbrush.

map.flora   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box     SOLD

I spent the day with Michelle drinking Scribe wine and eating salads made by Julia and Rachael. A grand dinner was made at the hacienda and in the morning with coffee, this was my view. Painted on a map of Sonoma using a scribe cork as paintbrush.

map.monterey   28” x 11”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

westminster   36” x 48”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

So much art they store it in the streets! Meeting up with old friends for an impromptu dinner in a cellar. More wild boar ragu please! Driving a bus through tiny streets and discovering a Tuscan biodynamic wine. A walk down the hill from Piazzale Michelangelo  accross the Ponte Vecchio.

Painted on a map of Florence with an Innkeepers card as paintbrush.

Spent a week on this island in the Aegean with no cars. Rode a horse to the top of a mountain, swam out to a buoy, climbed and descended more steps than I can count and sat on Leonard Cohen’s stoop.  This view is just around the corner from his house. Painted on a map of Hydra with a Koundouriotis Mansion ticket as paintbrush.

map.sausalito   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

A ride in a London Taxi, oysters at Bentley's, pooped on by a pigeon on a walk by the Thames and a pint in the pub.

​Painted on maps of London using a London Underground guide as paintbrush.

map.napa.3  18” x 24”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Seattle on a sunny day! Watched the fishmongers toss fish at Pikes place, saw Rachel the bronze pig and dined on local fish and wine. Rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island, hung out with some chickens and looked in awe at Mt Rainier.

This was painted using a Public Market guide as paintbrush.