map.sf5   28” x 48”         gallery wrapped on birch panel   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Every time I've been to Paris I've rented a small 4th or 5th floor walkup apartment. You walk in the street front small door inside a massive door to a courtyard. After climbing the stairs you look out the window and behold the rooftops of Paris!

​I painted this on a map of Paris using a Paris metro card as paintbrush.

map.sf.powell   12” x 16”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

At the top of Nob Hill on the California cable car line sits the grand old hotel the Fairmont. In its basement it houses the infamous Tonga Room tiki bar where it rains inside and has the stickiest floors in the city!

Painted on a San Fransisco map using a cable car ticket as paintbrush.

map.sausalito   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

If you walk across the Golden Gate bridge and head into Sausalito, look back over your shoulder for a well deserved view of the city on the hill.

​Painted with a vintage Golden Gate bridge postcard as paintbrush.   48” x 12”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

The first time I visited Monterey we went to the pier. There was an old fashioned organ grinder and monkey dancing with a tin cup. I put a quarter in the cup and the monkey jumped up and kissed me on the cheek! There was a group of us and everyone started putting quarters in the cup for a peck on the cheek. Michelle with a sad face said "I don't have any quarters, I only have a dollar bill. Will he take that?" The organ grinder smiled knowingly and nodded yes. Michelle dropped the dollar in the cup and the monkey jumped up and tongued her mouth! It was the first time that I laughed so hard that I cried.

Painted with a card from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I spent 3 nights in San Jose del Cabo and ate at Flora Farms 2 of them. It’s farm to steps away table great food and drinks that’s down a dusty dirt road in Baja. I painted it on a collage of Flora Farms placemats using a Flora’s Farm Bar menu as a paintbrush.

I was guided around Madrid both times I've been there by those two Madrileños, Nicole and Rachael. Fell in love with its tempo, charm and food! They took us to old favorites and hidden cafes that we never would have discovered.

Painted on a map of Madrid using a Madrid metro card as paintbrush.

map.monterey   28” x 11”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box  24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

For someone from San Francisco there's a familiar feeling in Lisbon. There's cable cars, trolleys, even a Golden Gate bridge! Granted, the architecture is a bit older and there are more red tile roofs. This view is the walk up to São Jorge castle on the hill overlooking the city.

This was painted using a trolly map of the city as paintbrush.

map.scribe   18” x 24”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

After traveling around for a bit coming to Rome felt like a big welcoming hug! The people, food and history make a walk around town at dusk a magical and satisfying moment.

Painted on a Rome map using a Trevi Fountain postcard as paintbrush.

map.napa.2   18” x 24”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

map.sffairmont   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

I'm told there are 450 steps climbing the Filbert steps up to Coit Tower. It felt like more, but it's well worth it. The gardens and the view back to the bay are incredible! The works projects murals inside the tower are enough of a draw. Add in the view back at the city from the top and it's something you must do.

​Painted on a collage of San Francisco maps on a birch panel using a BART card as a paintbrush.

Lunch at Oxbow then a ride up the 29 and down the Silverado Trail. Painted on a map of Napa Valley using a cork as paintbrush.​​

Walking under the Michigan Avenue bridge on the riverwalk I was taken by the two castle like buildings, the Wrigley Building and the Tribune Tower flanking the bridge.

Painted on a Chicago map using a Millennium Park brochure as paintbrush.

map.chicago   24” x 20”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

map.rome   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box   SOLD

map.flora   24” x 18”         gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box     SOLD

map.lisbon    14" x 11"        gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

​​Looking over at the city from Jersey always reminds me of a fantasy I have. It's a hot August night about 3:00 in the morning. I'm driving through the Lincoln tunnel in a 1961 Continental convertible, rounding that curve in the tunnel and the lights are whooshing over head and the suspension is just floating to the sounds of the Rolling Stones 'Can't you hear me knocking', that part in the middle of the song where it becomes an instrumental and a sax comes on and there's no other cars and I hit the city and it's jumping.

​Painted on a NYC map using a subway metro card as paintbrush.

The corner of Powell and California Streets in San Francisco is the only intersection of crossing cable car lines. This view on the hill shows both lines with the Transamerica Pyramid and the University Club Hotel in the background.

Painted with a cable car ticket as paintbrush.

I spent the day with Michelle drinking Scribe wine and eating salads made by Julia and Rachael. A grand dinner was made at the hacienda and in the morning with coffee, this was my view. Painted on a map of Sonoma using a scribe cork as paintbrush.